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Blue army, an invitation!

Since the attacks, being in public places is not the same as before.

Before they were public places. Places where lots of random strangers encountered each other. To work, to travel, to commute, to go to school, to shop, to meet, to have a coffee.

Now at public places we encounter groups of soldiers.

Often in full attire; camouflaged uniforms, bulletproof vests and their hands casually resting on intimidating machine guns.

They are there to give us a sense of safety. To protect us. I am grateful the government provide these.

But it is only one way of being safe. It is on the surface and dramatic.

In a deeper, profound level what makes us safe is our togetherness and shared humanity.

Our ability to care for each other and feel a connection with who we know as well as with the stranger.

blue army

I want to invite you to a life-art-performance 'Blue Army' in which we show the public this strong force which is soft and whispered.

Two times for 7 minutes women and men are present on the main square of Montpellier, Place de Comedie. With their being, their gesture and presence they bless the people passing by. In doing so they remind the public there is a non-violent strong force of love and togetherness available to them and within them.

(It is no coincidence to plan this in the mothers day weekend, as it makes visible the maternal care to complement the masculine military power)

I invite you to send and email or sign up on the website. ( and share this invite with your friends. Show up this saturday 27th of june at 16.00 at Place de la Comedie for meet up and instruction. The performance will take place at 16.20 and 16.40.

Be part of this art-performance showing this often unseen power of togetherness and shared humanity!

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