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Field notes #3, Intro by John Johnston

John introduces us more about the program and set out some Ideas about being an artist educator and important ideas about the program of the master.

the following are just notes, please do not consider it a piece of final writing.

Art educators are agents of change

There are 4 major Questions

1. What does art tell us about ourselves?

2. What does art do to us?

3. What is the purpose of art?

4. How can we use art to answer to these questions?

This to me sounds very strait forward but on second sight completely puzzling.

Johns finds all art political. It compels and it speeds up revolutionary thoughts. He names his praxis: ISSUES BASED ART.

normaly in the academic world you would find object based art.

Idea of Transformation.

What does tranformation mean?

He lays a basic understanding for Philosophical Positions,

R.G. Collingwood (1938)

introduces Amusement Art and Magic Art.

art changes the way we interact with the world, magic art.

It helps us to better interact with this worlds reality. This makes me want to know more, I think about the importance of love,curiosity and connection in art.

Pedagogical Position

Ideas of Paolo Freire, critical pedagogy and critical conciousness.

Note: the word esthetic is to be wakened up, versus anesthesia, to be put to sleep.

Rhizome pedagogy.

Nishant Shah, 'I take this and I take this and I show how they are connected'.

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