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Welcome at the DDW

We are presenting Linen as Regnerative Fabric of our Bioregion at NoOF!

As you know I have been a passionate Linnen-Steward, (initiated by the Linnenproject) in the last few years. Growing our own local flax with a group op fellow linnenstewards. This week you an find me at the Dutch Design Week in EIndhoven for a two day pop-up presentation. 

The flax plant grows without the need for irrigation, pesticides or fertilisers. It stores CO2, enriches biodiversity, improves soil health and contains the fibres for making a long-lasting textile: linen. The negative impact of fossil-based clothing is evident in many areas. Flax cultivation and linen production offer an opportunity for change towards a more regenerative and innovative future of textiles.

New Order of Fashion invited The Linen Project members, Anna Wetzel, a design-researcher specialising in spinning flax and Henrike Gootjes, a regenerative strategist and Linen Steward, to organise a pop-up exhibition. It showcases the various stages of flax from seed to linen garments. A major challenge lies in spinning the yarn, which depending on the purpose and scale, can be done by hand or machine. Spinning flax on the open-source spinning machine HILO could be part of solving the problem. Within The Linen Stewards, craftsmanship and innovation is vibrantly present and continually emerging, resulting in future-proof garments that can be cherished for a long time and eventually return to the earth to nourish the next generation of flax plants.

The Pop-Up presentation is at the New Order of Fashion, Torenallee 22

Monday 23 and tuesday 24 from 11.00-18.00 h.

More about The Linen Project: 

The Linen Project strives to reinvigorate local flax cultivation and linen production in the Netherlands through various initiatives. With the Linen Kavels (Dutch for linen plots), The Linen Project brings together partners on the industrial scale to weave locally grown flax into local linen. The ‘Linen Stewards’ is a group of self-organised individuals, collectively tending to a flax field, following the path of turning linseed into linen. Looking ahead, The Linen Project is establishing a new initiative: “Grow-Your-Own 1m²” of flax, in order to foster a deep connection to this regenerative, sustainable and local textile.


Past expos and events (not recently updated)

2019       Sept. Letvia, Embodied change. Erasmus. 

2019       Oct. InSEA conference, Valletta, Malta

2019       Oct. Creative Arts Therapies Society Malta, 

2019       Oct. University of Malta, Msida, Malta

2019       Nov. Event, LWF act alliance, Amman, Jorda

2019.    ArtEZ, Graduation show, Arnhem, NL

2019     Event, 'Soft Borders', Arnhem. NL

2019     WAKE festival, Black Box, Belfast, Noord Ierland

2019.    'Hamam echos' Queens Collective, Marrakesh, Maroc

2018     Artist in Residency expo, Maison Emma, Saint Mathieu de Treveirs, France

2017     Festival Binnengasthuis, Zwolle, NL

2017     Group Expo, Le Dome, Port Vendres, France

2016     Sound of Silence (group), Noorderzon, Groningen, NL

2016     Solo art expo, Chateau Peuch-Haut, Saint Drezery, France

2016     Group expo and art-performance, Michealskerk, Zwolle,NL

2016     Solo art expo, Domaine de Massane, Baillargues, France

2016     ‘Table of Thanks’ Gallery Triptique, Montpellier, France

2015    ‘de geredde drenkeling’ solo expo, Museum Trompshuys, Vlieland, NL

2014     ‘You are beautiful’ bij Fier Frysland, Vrouwenopvang, Leeuwarden, NL

2013     ‘Hope’ Sculptuur, ZOA vluchtelingenwerk, Apeldoorn, NL

2012    ‘Oh, my sweet sailor’, Projectkunstenaar Kunstmaand Ameland, Ameland. NL

2011    Kerst Belevingstocht Heechterp Schieringen. Leeuwarden, NL

2011    ‘Licht, liefde en vreugd’ with Marjan Beuker for LOF, Leeuwarden , NL

2011.    ‘Pracht in de grachtcommisioned by Gemeente Leeuwarden, NL


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