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'...and the wind joined, ripping the paper, high, high into the air. I ran after it like a maniac, climbed on the dunes to catch it on the road to Ballycastle.Henrike Gootjes

Painting, made with the ocean.jpg

Internship at Corrymeela


I was intrigued by Corrymeela, near Ballycastle, after I visited it briefly in april. So I asked if I could come back and learn more about the work of reconciliation they do and have been doing since 1954. And as they do at Corrymeela they responded with 'you are always welcome'. 

It was a privilege to learn from Collin Graig, expert in the field of Peacefull dialogue for change. To work and laugh with Rachel Graig who has so much knowledge about creative practice and bodily practice in reconciliation and dialogue. 

I also had a change to meet up again with Jonny McEwen who has been working as artist in the field of reconciliation for over 20 yrs. We are surely going to cook up some plans for collaboration!


I made artworks with the ocean, exploring both of or our borders. 





[the] north[ern] [of] ireland

Pádraig Ó Tuama

It is both a dignity and
a difficulty
to live between these

perceiving politics
in the syntax of
the state.

And at the end of the day,
the reality is
that whether we

or whether we stay
the same

these questions will

Who are we
to be
with one


How are we
to be
with one


What to do
with all those memories
of all of those funerals?


What about those present
whose past was blasted
far beyond their

I wake.
You wake.
She wakes.
He wakes.
They wake.

We Wake
and take
this troubled beauty forward.

“[the] north[ern] [of] ireland” from Sorry for Your Troubles by Pádraig Ó Tuama. Copyright © 2013 by Pádraig Ó Tuama. Originally published by Canterbury Press. Padraig O Tuama was community leader of Corrymeela.

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