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Sculpture commisioned by ZOA in 2013. ZOA is an international relief and recovery organization supporting vulnerable people affected by violent conflicts and natural disasters in fragile states, by helping them to realize dignified and resilient lives.

Fabric: Sri-Lanka, Thailand, Pakistan, Liberia
Bag: Myanmar  
Necklace: Oeganda
Crucifix : Burundi
Cross: Ethiopië
Feather: from the backyard
Inspiration: Isaiah 61






Hope, mixed techiniques, 140X80x90 cm, 2013

The People / Volk


A big group of people. Vunerable, expectantly looking upwards. Traces of their maker visable on their bodies. Are they afraid? What do they want? Are they related? Where are they going? Who are they? Who am I to them? Do they expect me to do something?


If you look closely, you see another pair of eyes, shoveling feet, shoulders drooping. 

'The People' is an invitation to look and wonder. To look inside oneself and around. Inwards, upwards and towards each other. It allows you to be imperfect and be known  simultatiously. To move back and forward between the external and internal. To stand firm and not know without losing balance. Strong and breakable.


Volk, 200 + ceramic sculptures. Height ca. 25 cm. 2002


the people

You are beautiful

communal project


During the Fier-Summerschool in 2014 Henrike has woven this powerful random compliment together with 40 young woman living in the "Fier' safehouse.

The young woman living in the safe-house have been rescued from human-trafficing and sex-work.

The fence borders both the safe-house and a main road in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands.


The global You-are-beautiful movement is started by Matthew Hoffman. 

More about the You-are-beautiful movement: Watch this.




you are beautiful



During the summer of 2011 watercreatures inhabited the canals of Leeuwarden. 


A nest with knitted waterbirds, a mamma that enjoys her playfull babies and a field of heart and tearshaped lilypads.

These feminin, playful and strong flowers, birds and watercreatures occupied the public space in the historic city centre.


Commisioned by City Counsel Leeuwarden, LOF and OKS. 


In colaboration with Marjan Beuker.



Waterliefde, textils. knitting, crochet, weaving, rubber and recycled material. 2011





Garden of Comfort



In october 2013 a big fire in Leeuwarden took the life of a young man, and over 15 houses. To cultivate grief, loss and mourning and offer hope and growth the Garden of Comfort came into being. 

The vertical garden could be cared for, watered and enjoyed and help people recover from this tragedy. 


With a group of volunteers the garden was build.


garden of comfort
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