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'I have a longing to tell stories, slowly, stitch by stitch, loop by loop.

Bringing attention to the wonderous gift our life is.Henrike Gootjes

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Visual Artist Henrike Gootjes uses art and stories to bring attention to human experience of life. 


Henrike's artistic projects create and strengthen social structures and use art to cultivate togetherness. She visualizes the human experience and her works advocate for respect of human rights.

'I hope my work re-enforces the sense of belonging and power and helps the viewer find strength in the midst of uncertainty.


The choice to use artisan techniques force her to work with intention and concentration bringing attention to the hardship and injustice in our world. She often invites the audience to part-take in the action to bring about social change. 

'I will accept brokenness but not the status quo and believe that many small acts make a significant impact on restoring and redeeming beauty, dignity and life.' 

Art is a vehicle to bring warmth, humour, lightness, color, comfort, movement and connection even when futile and short. 

Henrike Gootjes graduated in 2002 from Minerva, Fine Arts Academy in Groningen, The Netherlands. She worked as a lecturer at multiple schools, musea and universities. She has lived and worked in Australia and France and currently lives in the Netherlands. She has recently graduated from IMAE at ArtEZ, an innovative cross-disciplinary course of study that aims to utilize the creative potential of the arts to engage with challenges of contemporary life across the globe.


She writes a blog and frequently posts on Instagram. 

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