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Field notes #6 Narrative research

Artistic research for Education and Learning.

After John set a theorical framework we were set to work on the methodology of narrative research/narratology. Using good ethics and ensuring a caring and trusting relationship with the owner of the story.

We needed to apply these 6 action points.

1. Recount the story, find key moments of disruption and moments of learning.

2. Re-Tell the story to your partner

3. Make notes and record data.

4. Reverse the proces

5. Using the data, work individual to interpretate the data and share with your group later today and produce a public work as a gift to your partner.

6. review and evaluate.

I was in a trio with Terese and Gabriele.

She spoke about how becoming a mother changed her life. She also felt disadvantaged in the artworld and working world as a mother. As she would be found less reliable and flexibel.

I made her a motherdrawing and wrote a dialog that I asked Gabriele and Terese to perform.

It offers a counter narrative to her story of motherhood as distraction and views it as a strength and valuable part of her persona.

I also gave her a magazine in which 99 genius female artist of whom many mothers are celebrated.

Gabriele also told a story. As a result of a false accusation at school he decided in his heart that the judgement should not come from society but that the wrongdoer should deal with his guilt in his own heart.

I asked him to choose three colors and textures he liked from my stack of threads. From those I made him a model of an new organ in his body. One who holds his moral compass. I made this while listening to him and with kind thoughts.

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