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Artistic Travel during COVID times

During my time in Montpelier, France I met artist HJ Chae. We regularly met up to talk about art, artprojects and visited exposition in the area. Those meet ups were life-giving to me, as they filled me with inspiration and action to keep going as an artist and art educator. We organized art-making events and collaborated on a two performance pieces at Gallery Triptique in Montpelier.

Since then I have moved to The Netherlands and HJ moved to California, via Canada. This winter we met up on Zoom and she shared the notes she made from our meeting which she found on her computer. She read pieces of it to me, which gave me deep joy. Things we dreamed and shared about then have now evolved and grew into realities. To see this treads in life and work weaving into a fabric is incredible and exciting to me. So I am happy you get to meet HJ too! Hereby you find a recording in which she explains the way she works and how her February arts series came about. I am curious how it shapes your ideas about place, lenses and the travel in your mind.


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