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#thankyouforbeing an association, Arte Util!

They aim to see Art as a tool, a transformative tool in reality. To use artistic thinking and doing to invent strategies to change the world. With this they are breaking standards and conventions as they see Art not as entertainment or pleasure but as a tool to talk about real stuff and real problems. They use the frames of museum(s) and the infrastructure of the art world and their tradtitions and validation mechanism to carve out a place for Arte Util.

Gemma Medina and Allesandra Saviotti have build the Arte Util Archive in which they collect and share the collected projects. With this archiving, on their website, in the van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven and at various other places in the world they give this concept a sence of place in the artworld.

They aim to transform the role of artist to initiator and of the spectator to become a user.

Arte Util formulated 8 principles:

I am very much looking forward about writing about some of their project on the Blog. We visited the BAK in Utrecht together to see the Forensic Justice exhibition to research and discuss if the forensic Architecture research project should become part of the Arte Util archive.

More about that in the blogentry #thanksforbeinganartist Forensic architects!

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