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Radical Hope Club Meeting 05

Tonight we will meet for our fifth Radical Hope Club Meeting!

My intention is that these meetings are infused with Radical Hope. Inviting you to harvest the collective power of creativity, love, care, play and hope to fuel us into a regenerative future. I have invited people who bring light and life into this world. Whose hearts know a more beautiful world is possible. My hope that we are witnessing this emerging of The New, fanning its warm fire and that it affirms our interconnectedness.

Our meeting is 40 minutes on Thursday, depending in where you are in the world, it is at night, lunchtime or early morning Friday in Australian and New Sealand!

The set up is that we have a guest, we gather around a concept, meet in small groups to speak about this, harvest our ideas as a group and close. We try our best to keep the time to 40 minutes so you can schedule it into your day and know we will not go overtime.

This week: AllOne Film

I must say I am very thrilled that we are able to have a communal global cinematographic experience this week!

We will watch the newest movie made by the incredibly multi talented Helen. The movie has touched me deeply. The scenery, the language, the rhythm, the themes. Just, ymmmmm.

To me the movie and it’s themes are incredibly timely. I am very much looking forward to watch it and speak with you and Director Helen herself about it.

The Dublin College discribes Helen Rollins as; ‘graduated as top student in Corpus Christi College at Cambridge University, with a double first in modern languages. She was also a bousière étrangère at the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Lyon. At twenty-two, she taught French language, film and literature at Eton College, leaving that post two years later to work as a filmmaker. In her cinematic work, she explores ideas of desire, repression and loss. She has a particular interest in psychoanalysis, continental philosophy and film and literature from the French and Spanish-speaking world.’

This is how it works:

Watch the movie BEFORE our meeting on Thursday on your biggest screen available.

(The subtitles are small for watching on phone) And the scenery and sound deserve your biggest screen. The movie is a little under 15 minutes.

Before you watch it, write a few words about your thought, images, ect regarding the title of the movie.

The link is a private link for us:

To watch it on your biggest screen you might want to e-mail the link to yourself.


Henrike Gootjes is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Radical Hope Club Meeting 05

Time: Dec 3, 2020 08:30 PM Amsterdam

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