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2020. What a year!

We, with that I mean, in The Netherlands are welcomed in the second Lockdown to flatten the curve of people being hospitalized due to the Corona virus.

Our Prime Minister and government often talks about the virus in war language, to beat it, to hit it on the head with a hammer, to win it over. I am not sure if we should or could wage wars, I am even less sure if we should wage war agains a virus. I am not sure about a lot of things as this virus and the measurements and regulations on how to protect ourselves against this virus have taken away a lot of my agency.

With that I mean, agency as self decision making.

This invisible and possible deadly treat caught by being in proximity with people, but you only know you caught it 10 days later. That is a recipe for chronic stress!

I have been thinking deeply about Regenerativity this year. About strategies, methodes, tactics and mindset to move away from exploitation and extraction into life-giving systems that operate in harmony with our nature. Nature as in human-nature and nature as in all that is within and around us. If you want to know more about Regenerativity, read this blogpost.

So, we are in lockdown, and many other countries also. I time of isolation and a lot of things we can not do, places we can not go, meetings we can not have. I brought me to the question of what makes me feel alive and in this time of lack, what is available to us. I thought of beautiful people I was lucky enough to meet during my life. How alive they made me feel when we were in each others space. Their wonderfulness, the new ideas, the laughter, the perspectives, the skills, the qualities that arise when we are together. I dreamed of how wonderful it would be if my friends would meet each other and we would rejoice in each other and their amazingness.

My Radical Hope is that with bringing ourselves together we generate and cultivate the energy, care, love, play, sharp thinking, aliveness and hope we need to carry and dance each other trough this wintertime.

During November and December I will facilitate online meetings on Zoom to use fully what is available for us in the Here and Now.

A Recap of our meetings will be posted on this blog.


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