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Field notes #5 Jeroen Lutters

Jeroen invited us out of the building to a cafe with a nice courtyard to tell us about his new research and book on creativity. He places it often in the context of education.

It was amazing how many ideas he could present in the one hour we had together and I was incredibly energized by his way of thinking and being in the world. The role he sees creativity play and the quest to be able to measure creativity seems almost impossible to me. Subject I have seen in an esoteric, personal way, like feelings, faith and coincidence he made measurable and scientific.

I feel like I am not doing justice on his work by my notes, as I mostly just listened in a state of mesmoration. But here they are,

1. Look at education with a critical look.

- What does research mean? What does creativity mean? What place has it in our 21 century world? Can we map and measure creativity?

-Education turns into curating.

- do not loose your artist educatorship in education.

2. our believe system

-How is our believe system shaped? is it our heart? our brain? What does it tell us?

How to we shed the ego and purify our believe system? Jeroens language is often mentioning the heart and the route of the heart.

3. Learning

To learn is to be in the moment, you have to reflect and go in and out of state of Flow. Maybe through dance, movement or meditation. You have to, for moments distance yourself from the question of purpose.

4. Sensations

While learning you will feel often in a state of inconsistency . This is annoying and confusing but VITAL in learning. Please be happy in the not knowing, go with the flow of the not knowing. (this makes me smile big)

5. consistent.

When opening up to the thinks you do not know you have to find trust in your instincts, to your aboriginal self. This is not by working hard but by a sort of plugging in that this real knowledge comes into you.

6. Higher education

Higher education is a solitary thing. It can make you feel lonely, but if you expect this loneliness you feel happy to be lonely you can feel connected. This connectedness can support you.

7. Wealth.

Wealty is having more than you need for today. The surplus.

you can become rich in ideas, in help, in knowledge.

8. Culture.

How do we relate to nature in a good way. The concept of faith comes along in this. To train yourself to be open to possibilities.

In the end, apart from the material, what is real is the memories. Memories are your real treasure, as energy and data that fills your brain.

Read more on the essays of Emmerson. about self-reliance, nature and the conduct of life.

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